Design Alliance is a creative space uniting specialists of various qualifications in the field of interior design. Studio Design Alliance was established in 2011.

Initially, our specialization is textile design. Textile design - is a much broader concept than the usual "chose the curtains."
Textile decorator is a professional who has an expert knowledge of different properties of the fabrics, is acquainted with the world market in all the variety of proposals, he's familiar with trends and innovations presented by world leaders in the sphere of interior textiles. We are able to choose for you wear-resistant and interior-appropriate textiles for furniture upholstery, acoustic textiles for curtains or wall panels, dense enough to completely darken or as transparent as possible to preserve all the sun's rays in accordance with the task.

Our team works with the best architects and design studios in Ukraine, providing services for a complete set of textile projects, including: curtains, upholstery textiles, carpets, bed linen, blankets and pillows, towels.

We have successful experience in implementing joint projects in the Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates. Years of our teamwork experience of creating interiors, dedication to our work and a great desire for development became the starting point for the start of providing a full range of interior design services.
Textile decorator services
We will offer you a complete concept of textile design for your home / office / any space in accordance with the style, budget, and objectives. We will provide all the related services at the highest level. Quality control is guaranteed at every stage from measurement, selection of materials, manufacturing and tailoring to installation, since all these services are provided by our in house specialists.
Interior design
We develop and implement a unique and balanced interior design that reflects your individuality and lifestyle.
Individual production of upholstered furniture and wall panels
Our experts have many years of experience in manufacturing of upholstered furniture. Each bed, sofa, chair are made exclusively from natural materials using the best textile for upholstery. You get high-quality products in the right size, color and design.
Collaboration on projects with designers and architectural studios
We are pleased to work in a team with architects and designers in the implementation of their ideas. We guarantee a comprehensive and professional approach in the selection of textiles and all related accessories, producing automatic sun protection systems, manufacturing the wall panels or upholstered furniture according to the project. We will show solutions in non-standard situations based on 7 years of experience and many implemented projects in different parts of the world.
Sewing bed linen according to individual sizes
Bed linen is also part of the interior. It is very important to get a quality, matching the size of the mattress, blankets and pillows bedding, which is ideally suited to the mood or design of the bedroom. Changing the color of bed linen, you can completely change the feeling: restrained gray-blue linen will cool wonderfully in the summer heat, and warm honey tones of satin cotton will lift your spirits on a dull autumn morning.
Assembling your house with pillows and blankets
It's not a secret that the quality of our life depends on the quality of our sleep. And the quality of sleep is influenced greatly by the feelings provided by the touch of the blankets we cover ourselves and the pillows we put a head on. We offer you downy, almost weightless, blankets from the Italian factory Cinelli in accordance with the season and room temperature. For your choice we will offer you blankets from wool, cashmere from the well-known French factory "BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN"
Home fragrances
How does happiness smell? And what about comfort? Do you remember your feelings about the smell of freshly baked bread? Imagine the smell of the sea ... Home fragrances create mood, bare associations, soothe or stimulate, depending on your wishes. Candles, sachets, diffusers ... fresh, sweet, spicy ...
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